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Dr. Sanjay Advani , Gurdian Newspaper




Shelys Africa-A beacon of hope in  sub Sahara Africa



Many of us have come to trust medication such as Diclopar, Sheladol and Malafin. Koflyn, Action and Maramol over the years, they have become household names and both consumers and the healthcare fraternity have placed trust and believe in these products. The reason for this could be the proven efficacy of the drugs coupled with their affordability. Whatever reason one will give, Shelys pharmaceuticals based in Tanzania and Beta healthcare based in Kenya have cemented its position as being the trusted pharmaceuticals company in sub Saharan Africa. We interviewed the CEO of Shelys pharmaceuticals, Dr Sanjay Advani and this is what he had to say

Give us a small background about Shelys pharmaceuticals

Shelys is a renowned pharmaceutical company of Sub Saharan Africa. Shelys has humble origins starting of as a diminutive family business in 1956 in East Africa.Shelys has its footprint in Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius, Djibouti,Uganda, Kenya and is a leader in script market of crucial therapeutic categories such as cough and cold, Anti infective, nutraceuticals, social marketing, cardiovascular and erectile dysfunction.

What Awards and Accolades has Shelys received in the recent past?
Shelys won two prestigious awards from CTI. Presented by H.E Presdent Jakaya Kikwete, Shelys not only won the large industry Award but also manufacturer of the year 2009 Award. We were happy with this award, its significance was large to us since it meant that the industry was recognizing the role that Shelys pharmaceuticals plays in giving quality healthcare to the people.
What new products do you plan to launch in the near future?
Shelys remains at the forefront of developing new molecules that answer the needs of the consumers across Africa and our passion lies in ensuring that our products are riding along global healthcare trends across the world,
New therapeutic areas that Shelys are looking that at adding into the current basket include:
• Anti malaria
• Ant tuberculosis drugs
• Skin preparations
• Anti diarrhea
• ARVs
• Cardiology
Aspen pharmaceuticals is a large pharmaceutical company in South Africa what association does Shelys have with Aspen?
In May 2008, Aspen acquired 60% of the share capital of Shelys Africa Limited, Which has operation in Sub Saharan Africa. Under the Shelys Africa Umbrella are two companies
Shelys based in Tanzania that is leader in the script market and Tanzania based and Beta healthcare which is leader in the OTC (over the counter) market and is based out of Kenya. This alliance is formidable it provides the foundation of Aspen`s expansion into the East and central Africa market and the establishment of an affordable, quality, generics brand presence on the continent.
We hear you recently expanded the Shelys factory?
Shelys Africa consistently seeks to improve its manufacturing capabilities. Our sister company Beta healthcare relocated to the prestigious state of the CGMP WHO complaint factory on a five-acre plot in the heart of industrial area, this will enable the company to increase its manufacturing capabilities and penetrate into virgin markets across Africa. Shelys on the other hand recently been upgraded and is capable of manufacturing solids, liquids, capsules and  penicillin
What are some the values you hold dear as a company?
Shelys pharmaceuticals having Quality management system that ensures that the products that reach the consumer are safe, efficacious and effective.  All the personnel in the company are well qualified and have a lot of experience in their respective fields. The company is well equipped with all the necessary equipment .Raw materials are sampled and tested while the packing materials and all the manufactured products are rigorously surveyed to ensure they meet the respective pre-determined specifications.
Shelys stands for the following values. We believe in speed-reaching our customers fast to cater for their health needs. We believe in integrity-Ensuring that our products are safe for our consumers .We believe in affordability-we provide affordable quality products for our consumers and we believe in accessibility-we are where our consumers are.