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Press Articles

Regional Pharmaceutical group eyes baby foods market

By Macharia Kamau

Beta Healthcare International plans to distribute baby food as part of its product diversification strategy. The pharmaceutical manufacturer is also readying itself to venture into Central and West African markets with its current product offerings.The company said it will, this month, launch Infacare, a baby formula, in Kenyan Market.

Dr. Sanjay Advani, the company’s Chief Executive Officer said the firm would...


Read more: Dr. Sanjay Advani, The Standard Newspaper - Tuesday 13, 2010

Beta Healthcare Launches A Slimming Product.

Beta Healthcare recently ventured into manufacturing lifestyle products as part of its expansion plan. One of the new products is Slimtrim is a herbal product specifically designed to aid weight loss in women. According to Beta Healthcare General Manager, Dr. Sanjay Advani, people’s lifestyles, including eating habits, predispose them to diseases such as diabetes, which is made worse by obesity. “Slimtrim will

Read more: Dr. Sanjay Advani, The Parents Magazine – December 2009 Edition

Drug Maker Buys Colgate Factory

Dr. Sanjay Advani, The Nation Newspaper – Tuesday 1, December 2009

Beta Healthcare Kenya has acquired Colgate Palmolive’s manufacturing plant in Nairobi at an undisclosed amount and plans to use it to diversify its products in Kenya.  The transaction, which Beta Healthcare management says has been concluded, follows the closure of Colgate Palmolive’s factory three years ago.

Read more: Dr. Sanjay Advani, The Nation Newspaper – Tuesday 1, December 2009

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